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We are changing the way decisions are made in coagulation. We enable a paradigm shift by making diagnosis, treatment, and prevention a matter of actionable data, immediately accessible to all.

While anticoagulant treatment is excellent for reducing the risk of clot formation, it carries potential side effects of bleeding. Today, we face a real challenge when patients present with acute bleeding in the emergency room. The inability to instantly and reliably measure patients’ coagulation time independent of potential anticoagulant treatments leaves doctors making decisions based on an incomplete clinical picture. The EDs are like pilots flying blindfolded through a thunderstorm, knowing that every minute and every action counts.

The PoC Coagulometer is the only diagnostic tool that effectively and swiftly monitors clotting processes across drug classes-including DOACs. Adopting the PoC Coagulometer as a new standard of care in the ER holds potential for improved efficiency, significant cost savings, and better patient outcomes due to fast diagnosis and related appropriate treatment decisions.

We bring the clarity and confidence needed to transform an incomplete clinical picture into actionable information. To put informed decision-making back into the hands of EDs. Ultimately, enabling EDs to treat with confidence.


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Sasha H. Bakhru, PhD

President, Chief Executive Officer

Alan Curtis

Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

Xuan Jiang, PhD

Executive Vice President, Research

Raymond R. Mandra, JD

Patent Counsel

Daryl Mootoo

Vice President, Strategy & Operations

Solomon Steiner, PhD

Chairman of the Board

Stefan Zappe, PhD

Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Advisory Board

Robert S. Langer, Jr. ScD


Michele Mercuri, MD


S. Thomas Emerson, PhD


Harvey Cantor, MD


Jack E. Ansell, MD


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