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Perosphere Technologies is a private medical technologies company focused on developing coagulation diagnostics.

About us

We are changing the way decisions are made in coagulation.

We enable a paradigm shift by making diagnosis, treatment, and prevention a matter of actionable data, immediately accessible to all.

Why PoC Coagulometer?

The first point-of-care, pharmacodynamic test providing a global view of coagulation status.


Universal coagulation test

Perosphere's PoC Coagulometer provides an unprecedented global view of coagulation status where and when it's needed.



Point of care

Handheld, battery powered Coagulometer is ideal for use at the patient bedside.


Rapid testing

Each test results within 3-8 minutes, allowing physicians to make informed decisions in a timely manner.


Lab-like precision

Perosphere's PoC Coagulometer has remarkably low variability, further allowing physicians to treat with confidence.

Our Products

POC Coagulometer

Pharmacodynamic, reagent-free assay


Single use test cuvettes which can be stored at room temperature


Two levels of quality controls available (representing normal and anticoagulated samples)

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