Perosphere Technologies' Broad-Spectrum POC Coagulometer

Perosphere Technologies' broad-spectrum point-of-care (POC) coagulometer is designed for measuring or monitoring the activity of anticoagulants and their corresponding reversal agents, across drug classes, in a hospital setting at a patient’s bedside.


Annually, approximately 7 million patients in the United States require anticoagulation therapy to treat or prevent clot formation in blood vessels. Until recently, patients were prescribed either oral warfarin or injectable heparin. Today, the new oral anticoagulants (NOACs) are rapidly replacing warfarin as a first line oral therapy, while low molecular weight heparins remain the drug of choice for injectable use. However, there is currently no widely accepted point-of-care coagulation test for monitoring the NOACs and low molecular weight heparins. Perosphere’s coagulometer is the first clotting assay to demonstrate sensitivity to LMWH, which represents significant new market opportunities, in addition to competing in the established global point-of-care (POC) coagulation testing market (e.g. PT, aPTT, ACT), estimated to be roughly $1B in 2011, and projected to reach $1.8B by 2017.

The primary driver for market growth will be the increasing use of new oral anticoagulant therapy and Perosphere’s coagulometer offers significant competitive advantages over existing assays.

Perosphere Technologies’ point-of-care coagulometer is a hand-held instrument that performs individual coagulation tests on fresh or citrated whole blood. The system is designed for broad-spectrum monitoring of the activity of anticoagulants and their corresponding antidotes, across drug classes, in a hospital setting at a patient’s bedside. A single test requires only 10 microliters of fresh or citrated whole blood from a venous draw or finger stick. Test results are reported within minutes and reported as clotting times in seconds. The system employs single-use, proprietary test strips developed by Perosphere containing no anticoagulant-specific chemical or biological reagents. As a result, the system offers testing across a broad array of anticoagulants, including the new oral anticoagulants (NOACs; oral direct Factor Xa and IIa inhibitors), heparins (unfractionated heparin, low molecular weight heparin, and fondaparinux) and warfarin with a single POC test.